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Memorable Projects and Fun Music

Evening (Alfie Mole) Freely improvised piece played in the style of Indian classical music, based around raga yaman.  The Drone is produced through ebo and banjo, the tabla is replaced by a djembe, sitar by mandolin, and bansuri by western flute.

Recall (Dave Heath) was originally written as a dance piece for the London Contemporary Dance Theatre. It was premiered by William Bennett at Sadler's Wells in 1982, and has since been played worldwide by many other flautists.

Distil (Fintan O'Hare) An intricatately minimal piece ridden with hints of romance, written for Flute, Bass Clarinet, Viola, Piano, Harp and Vibraphone.

Icicle (Robert Aitken) captures the sounds and sights of a deserted Ice cave with the sun glistening off the icicles and the echo rebounding of the frozen rock walls. 

The Illuminated Man (Matt London) - Graphic score and free improvisation piece, written for Ensemble Entropy and special guest pianist Matthew Bourne.

Watchmaker (Alfie Mole) - A high energy fusion groove of middle eastern folk and rock, incorporating the sounds of banjo, guitar and flute. 

This piece of music tells the story of an encounter between a sparrow and a hawk, imaging the chase, the battle and the relief of the poor sparrow.

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