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Handmade Pieces

Layla (2019) - Written for Flute and Guitar, and performed wonderfully by Duo Villanesca.  Layla expresses the beauty and energy of my sister, Layla.

Crème de la Crème of Oxygen (2017) - Inspired by the gusts at the top of the Black Forest, Germany watching swirls of leaves forming perfect circles and then trailing off, whilst every pore of your body is embraced by this cool fresh wind.

Hebe (2017) - Written for Two Flutes, Harp and Piano, Hebe shows the humour, grace, and beauty of my youngest sister, Hebe.  Wonderfully Performed by Anna Noakes, Gabriella Dall'Olio, Freyr Sigurjónsson and Leo Nicholson.

Afrowhatchamacallit (2016) - A Flute duet with a tropical twist, purcussive groove and a lot of fun to listen to and play!

The Morning After A Fantastic Night Out (2016) Imagine you've just woken up, the memories of a previously eventful still fresh in your mind, that haze, opening your sticky eyes, wobbling as to stand to walk.......and then the repercussions of all of your actions and the relief of a technicolour yawn. "I’ve never heard music before that so honestly captures the morning-after feeling – but who knew hangovers could be so lovely?" Miles Hedley (Head in the Clouds Blog)

St Alfege Church (2015) - Written whilst studying psychogeography with Will Self, St Alfege Church takes the surroundings and sounds of a walk from Canary Wharf through and around Greenwich and Blackheath. 

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